Eco Trailer
Bicycle steel with plastic tank

Eco Trailer by Bellelli is a practical and sturdy steel trolley with a plastic tank for transporting large quantities of material without sacrificing the convenience of the bicycle.
Quick and easy to assemble thanks to the quick coupling and release attachments.
Available in two versions: 40 liter Eco Trailer Mini – 60 liter Eco Trailer Maxi. 

  • 05 MINI
  • 06 MAXI
  • PORTATA (uguale per tutte) MAX 31 KG
  • PORTATA (uguale per tutte) MAX 35 KG
  • PORTATA (uguale per tutte) MAX 70 KG MANUAL
  • VOLUME 1 40 LT
  • VOLUME 1 60 LT
eco trailer vuoto
Eco Trailer

The roof rack or basket of your bike are not enough?

We thought of  Bellelli Eco Trailer just for you that you have to carry large amounts of material without sacrificing the convenience of the bicycle.

Your large family likes daily fresh food, so you go to the supermarket almost every morning. Your kids are organizing a party at one of their friends’ place and, of course, you’re getting all the sodas.

In all this taxing around, you still want to exercise and breathe some fresh air on your bicycle.

With its 60 or 40  liters capacity heavy duty box, and 12” pneumatic tires, Bellelli Eco Trailer is the ideal solution. In a matter of seconds you can load it, attach it to your bike and off you go.

And don’t worry if the sky is threatening rain: with the waterproof  Belleli Rain Cover the weather will not change your plans!

Quick and easy to assemble thanks to quick-release latching attacks.

Available in two versions: Mini and Maxi from 40 liters to 60 liters.

  • Box: 40 litres ( Eco Trailer Mini) or 60 litres (Eco trailer Maxi)
  • Max load capacity when towed by bike: 31 Kg (Eco Trailer Mini) or 35Kg (Eco Trailer Maxi).
  • Max load capacity when used as hand trailer: 70 Kg.
  • Can be quickly attached to the bicycle.
  • Extra safety device.
  • Box in washable, shatterproof plastic.
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