Our mission

Customer Satisfaction
The main goal of the Company is the customer satisfaction through the development of products in line with the expectations of customers, the continuing assistance to clients and end consumers. The customer is followed consistently throughout the life of the product. The after sales is run with high efficiency, highly qualified staff and with an excellent response-times. The Quality System records and analyzes any reporting arrivals from the market and implement, where necessary, the appropriate corrective actions.

Safety and Product Features
Bellelli produces products which need to meet the  European Standards approval. In order to obtain and maintain the trust of the customers and comply with the laws, it is important that the products are safe, functional, with reduced environmental impact and an accurate and innovative design. Product certifications are issued by the top level Institutions.

Quality of raw materials, components and involvement of Suppliers / Third-parties
During the production of car seats must be used components and raw materials of very top
quality and reliable production processes with a low impact on the environment. Bellelli therefore believes it is essential the involvement of Suppliers and Third-parties in the main choices and business objectives. This is made to ensure the customer the right product quality, the utmost professionalism, punctuality in delivery but also a quick and satisfactory answer to all the company needs. All suppliers adhere to the most severe supply requests with high specifications  detailed .

Involvement and participation of Bellelli staff
Bellelli recognizes the staff’s main resource to achieve their objectives for quality and the environment, and takes charge of train them in the various fields of competence. All personnel must be aware of the objectives and should adhere and comply with the procedures of the Manual of Quality and Environmental Management Manual.

Respect for the environment
The Company is committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimizing, where technically possible and economically viable any negative impact of its activities on the environment. The company is involved in seeking technical and technological solutions, organizational and systems that allow them to prevent pollution.

Our history

Bellelli srl has been established  since April 1994 in Rovigo.

The aim of the company is developing childhood products: bicycle seats and bike accessories for children.

Since the beginning the Company sought to promote technology and innovations.

The primary goal of the Company is transporting the children in total safety and comfort. The compliance with the european standards is the basis for the planning of all products, which is carried out in-house. The production is realized entirely in Italy in order to have a complete control over the quality of every single details. The product approvals are performed by TÜV SÜD in Germany, one of the strictest Institutes and authorities in this field.

After eight years of continuous development, the company gets to distribute 250,000 seats per year, making it one of the largest manufacturers of bicycle seats for children in Europe.

2003 Bellelli expands the product range and presents “Genius”, the first seat of what will be the new company’s biggest challenge: the industry of car seats.
For this strategic decision, where the quality and safety of children are fundamental issues, the Company decided to make important  investments by purchasing a crash test that is placed within the Company for an internal private use. This system allows continuous monitoring throughout the design process of products.

2005 The company moved to the new building in Badia Polesine (RO), which covers an area of 9,000 mq for the warehouse and 1,000 mq for offices as well as 28,000 mq of green area. The first time at EURO BIKE trade show in Germany (the most important fair for bike industry in Europe) was in 2006 where Bellelli has shown the first bicycle seats developed and approved according to European standard regolutions EN 14344.

2007 At the KIND + JUGEND fair in Germany (the largest fair in the childcare industry in Europe) Bellelli introduced the complete range of car seats: from newborns models  (group 0+/1) up to products from 10-12 years old (group 2-3).

2011 Continuous research, also in the materials, leading the Company in 2011 to the introduction of an organic fabrics, a special line of products including mats anti-choking, support for the neck and other exiting products made of fibers such as bamboo and cotton.
The continuous development, the high-quality materials, the continuous research lead the Company to be an important supplier for several clients over 50 countries of the world.

2016, the Bellelli has been acquired by a group of employees. Their aim is to give further development in all business processes, without forgetting the key principles that have enabled the company to establish itself on an international level: a fully Italian production marks the high quality and high technological standards.
Additional objectives are to create new jobs, new opportunities, and the development of the whole supply chain, further expanding the network of partnership on the local territory. All this will pass through a strong renewal process, which will involve all business areas. The company will be tailored to the best market standards in order to compete with the best players of the market.
The challenge that Gabriele, Marco, Fabio and Antonio have set is highly ambitious, but “We are confident that with the support of all, colleagues, customers and suppliers we can reach the best results”

Quality certifications

Bellelli is certified ISO 9001 since July 2000 and it is suitable for all sizes and types of organisations. ISO 9001 Certification will give to the Company organisation the quality systems that will provide the foundation to better customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.

The firm belief of all the top management, which has supported this project from the very beginning, has led the quality concept in all business areas.  It brought in all of its components a real sense of ownership and responsibility for their own work which represent a practical cohesion, motivation and stimulus.

Click here to download the latest versione of the ISO 9001 certification.