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Bike Seats

Exclusive design products, lightweight and designed primarily for the safety and comfort of your child.

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Bike Accessories

Spare parts, accessories, carts and more.
Make your Bellelli product even more secure and complete.

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Car Seats

Certified for maximum safety of your child and designed to be fully compatible with your car seats.

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Organic Line

We think about the comfort of your children naturally and with hypoallergenic materials suitable to the skin of children.

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Pet Box

Discover the products to transport your 4-legged friend on a bike

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Visible in all light conditions, weather and traffic
Greater visibility in front of the incandescent lights of the cars
Double the distance from which the seat is visible

High Visibility seats increase safety both day and night; their lime yellow color makes them more visible than any other seats in pastel colors on the market. The fluorescent pigment is particularly visible when illuminated by incandescent light bulbs such as those used in the headlights of the cars, and increases safety when the sun has set.

Our High Visibility Products Hi Viz

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We hereby wish to reassure you after the latest provisions issued by the Italian Prime Minister, providing you with the exact overall picture as far as we are concerned.

Firstly, we would like to point out that all our factories and subsidiaries are in full operation, without any kind of restrictions, although we have taken all precautionary measures in defence of the health of our customers, our employees and potential visitors.

About Us


The esteemed and considerable American Guide "Parental Guidance" has recently published a great review of our rear bike seat "Summer" .
The quality, safety and design of our seats are well known all over the world!

We are happy to share our achievements with you!

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