Windscreen WINDBREAK

Bellelli Windbreak is a transparent, shatterproof windscreen in polycarbonate. 

If you live in a rainy area, or go out often in wet windy conditions, or if you just want to avoid annoying bugs bumping into your child’s face while riding on a front bicycle seat, Bellelli Windbreak  is what you need.

Easy-on/easy off, transparent, shatterproof, versatile and adjustable this wind rain screen, equipped with a waterproof apron, is specifically designed to protect your child yet allowing him to explore the world ahead.

  • Versatile, fits any handlebar.
  • Transparent and shatterproof polycarbonate windshield.
  • Velcro secured waterproof apron with slot for the bike’s front light.
  • Adjustable in height, depth and inclination.
  • Removable windshield (anchoring system stays on handlebar).


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