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Bellelli Nanna Guri  is approved car seat for group 0+  complying with the European Regulation ECE R44/04. Suitable for children from 0 to 13 kg (approximately up to 6/8 months).

Deep, enveloping side protection to safeguard head, back and pelvis in case of a side impact.

Three points safety belts with central regulator of spring tension. Practical height-adjustment system in two different position for safety belt.

Rounded buckle - soft padding on shoulders and buckle. Integral inner shell made from absorption energy material (EPS).

There are two airing grills both on the back of the child and on the inside shall in EPS. 

Practical ergonomic carry handle adjustable into four different position. Great versatility: usable as a feeding chair or for gently rocking the child.  

The enveloping design and ergonomic seat make it a safe baby seat to carry small children. The perforated backrest allows the child’s back Nanna Guri to stay fresh and dry even in summer.

Height 39-54cm | Widht 44 cm | Deep 69 cm

Weight 4 kg

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How to install the car seat NANNA GURI

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