Miki Plus & Miki Plus Fix

Gruppo 2/3 15-36Kg

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Bellelli Miki  Plus is approved car seat for group 2/3, complying with the European Regulation ECE R44/04.  Suitable for children from 15 to 36 kg.

Backrest reclines slightly to rest against the seat of the vehicle. 

Large comfortable seat, particularly soft padding which is easy to remove and wash.

The backrest and head rest also protect the head, shoulders and pelvis in the event of side impacts.

Miki Plus protects older children by offering the safety of the anatomical backrest and soft headrest, which  protects them from lateral impacts.

The belt guides integrated in the child seat bring the seat belt closer to the child, who can start to fasten it on their own, learning the basic principles of safety in the car. 

Height 75-86 cm | Widht 46 cm | Deep 46 cm

Weight 4,0 kg


Miki Plus Instruction Manual
How to install the car seat MIKI PLUS

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