Side Impact Protection

Why is the Side Impact system important?
Despite the prevalence of frontal collisions, side impacts are those that represent a greater risk for children. In the event of a side impact, the crashed vehicle strongly manifests both the consequences of impact and the intrusion of metal sheets into the passenger compartment. The safest place is therefore the centre of the rear seats in order to be at the greatest distance from the consequences of the impact. Statistical analysis of data collected on European scale has allowed experts to determine that side impacts more easily cause critical damage to the head, neck and chest. To ensure the highest safety standards in any case, it is important that the child seat integrates all necessary specifications to minimise the risks to your child.

That's why Bellelli's seats are equipped with side profiles interposed between the child and the vehicle's walls, energy absorption materials and measures for maximising head protection. Moreover, the geometry of the child seat is designed to limit the impact of the head and forces to which neck joint is subjected.

Bellelli is always at the front line for safety
Bellelli has long been sensitive to this issue. It takes part in work groups that define future standards which will include Side Impacts, allowing us to know the future regulatory developments and to anticipate technical trends.

Bellelli performs additional tests in German laboratories to verify the behaviour of its child seats in the event of side impact, making the best out of the research activities carried out on side impacts, in particular, by the Berlin Polytechnic institute.

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