Your little one is protected, just like in your womb. This is why:

Bellelli is safety certified under all conditions, at the top of the category. All this thanks to the in-house Crash Testing, the only way to get products tested and make them safe in the most extreme conditions of use. Ours is the only facility of this type available to a private company throughout Italy: a cutting-edge installation that allows both simulation of shocks up to a speed of 50 km/h, as well as front or side impacts at high speed, anticipating future standard requirements. All simulations are performed with dummies that simulate the body structure of children during the different stages of their growth.

Experimentations and research

The continual experimentation has allows us to identify the most critical parameters in case of collision, to give tangible solutions and increase child safety on the road. Before starting production, we can verify the effectiveness of a new design and of new materials: a fundamental step forward in the design and development of products for the upcoming future. The team of experts, who test and validate the products, professionals who participate in work groups that define international safety standards, then proceed with having the products approved by the most accredited European verification bodies. This continuous pursuit of perfection is applied to all products in the Bellelli's series, where we have transferred, right down to the smallest details, all our experience to transport children safely, for your peace of mind. 

Discover our safety systems and our in-house Crash Tests in detail.




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