What is ISOFIX?
A child seat badly fastened is UNSAFE. Installing the child seat using the car's seat belt guarantees excellent performance only if carried out without making mistakes.
With the Isofix system, the seat has an easy, foolproof installation, making it firmly anchored to the car's body.
When was it invented?
Isofix was invented just a few years ago, as the result of an agreement between automakers and child seat manufacturers, consumer associations, standardisation bodies and other bodies dealing with children's safety in motor vehicles. This agreement led the automakers to build the brackets placed between the backrest and the seat of automobiles that match with the anchors that the manufacturers have created for child seats. This applies to all makes of automobiles and for all currently produced models. As for child seats, these are currently available in groups 0, 0+, 0+/1 and 1. It is not mandatory, and only some child seats of these groups offer these specifications. It is certainly more reliable, but also more expensive. The great advantage is that child seats are anchored to the car seat with just one CLICK. In addition to the two hooks, this ISOFIX system requires a third point of support and this can be located on the upper part of the backrest or up front on the bottom, under the seat. The first is called top tether, the second, support leg.

ISOFIX in detail
The two anchor points allow a strong connection between the automobile and the child seat, while the third has the function of limiting the rotation of the system to avoid excessive forward movement of the seat. This can be found in two different positions depending on the manufacturer: at the top of the seat, the TOP TETHER, consisting of a strap that secures the top of the seat to an anchor behind the seat or with a support leg that is in hinged with the floor of the automobile.
Bellelli has chosen the latter solution, adjustable to facilitate use.

Why is ISOFIX better?
Greater safety:
3 anchoring points allow a sturdy connection between the child seat and the car.

No more installation errors:
This type of attachment is very simple: once the child seat is anchored to the car seat, there is an audio-visual signal confirming the successful installation. Then, the user can lengthen or shorten the support leg or fix the top tether and the child seat is ready for use.

How do you use ISOFIX?
Simple: release the ISOFIX connectors from the body of the child seat and fit them into the appropriate hooks of the automobile, making sure the indicators show the safety lock signal; take the child seat near to the car seat and fasten the TOP TETHER or lengthen, securing it firmly, the support leg to the floor of the automobile.

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