In-house crach tests

The benefits of in-house crash tests are:

  • reduced development times
  • constant control tests
  • continuous experimentation

In 2005 Bellelli launched its in-house Crash Test facility, which plays an essential role in the development of new products and the quality control of its current child seats.

The Bellelli crash test facility is the only one of its kind available to a private company in Italy. Our intensive testing allows identifying the most critical parameters in the event of an accident and designing the best solutions to increase children's safety. The Research Centre tests and validates the product, and have them approved by Europe’s most accredited verification bodies. Bellelli is active in research activities and takes part in work groups that define international safety standards concerning child car seats. 

The presence of an in-house testing facility has allowed us to develop a new range of easy-to-use child seats that are safe in all conditions.

How is the Crash Test performed?

The Crash Test can simulate frontal and side impact at speeds of 50 Km/h (according to current regulations) or higher, as provided for in the proposed future legislation. The tests are conducted with P-series dummies designed to simulate children's body structure during their various growth stages based on a large amount of statistical data resulting from anthropometric measurements.

Bellelli's research and development laboratory is able to carry out all the other tests required by current legislation both on the child seat and its components. The testing laboratory can immediately verify the effectiveness of a new design and compare new materials. For us, this represents a great "leap forward" in design methodologies and in the development of our products.

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